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AccuRater Inc. is a human resources consulting firm that specializes in the development and validation of computer-based work sample personnel tests. In business since 1985, our customers include some of the largest and most prestigious companies in the country. Their continued relationship with AccuRater is testimony to the quality of our products and support.

AccuRater was among the first companies to offer fully automated computer-based testing.  Over the years we have seen many competitors enter the field, often with great fanfare and publicity, only to drop out of the marketplace within a year or two.  Success in this industry requires continual product innovation, the highest professional standards, and commitment to customer service. We are proud to state that, although many have failed, AccuRater continues to thrive.

Our tests focus on the job, not an applicant’s background, experience, or personality. We place the applicant in a realistic work environment that closely matches the job for which he or she is applying. For Sales and Customer Service jobs, the applicant must listen, use a keyboard, access customer and product records, and solve customer problems. We have been told that our Sales and Customer Service assessment “looks like the job, feels like the job, and smells like the job.”  In a series of carefully controlled validation studies, we have learned that if applicants can successfully complete our tests, they have the skills necessary to perform successfully on a Sales and Customer Service job.

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